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My journey to Skullavera started with a trip to Los Angeles, based in Long Beach I made the long journey to Venice, had to check out where Turbo n Ozone busted some crazy moves back in the day,

Wasn’t to sure what to expect but was lovin the vibe, the lazy palm trees, the thumpin beats, the crazy gringo begging for weed, tattoo parlours, the brothers selling there hip hop, man this place was alive……..and then I come across the two Vatos, with a blanket on the floor and there treasures on offer I was indeed fascinated,  The colours! The swirls! here was the powerfull symbol of a skull decorated to perfection, just they way you would want yours done if you had the choice………

My first Day of the Dead skull found it’s place amongst my speakers, he looked pretty cool sitting there enjoying the baselines, so I decided on a Sugar Skull Tattoo and as a gift to the Artist I presented him with my Skull, like my reaction he was instantly blown away by my Calavera …….

Funny I missed my Calavera, this small but powerfull piece was no longer present and wanted another one, damn expensive to go back to Venice to pick one up from the hommies……..
A year later I travelled to Mexico’s Yucutan Peninsula to soak up some sun and pay homage to the
Maya and their cultural triumphs. So here I am strollin 5th Ave at Playa Del Carmen, 
when there they are, all beautifully dressed n displayed,I was stoked to find them again......

So I bought 4 as there where so many amazing designs, Over a Modelo Especial i got thinking and thought that the Calaveras should be brought home for more people to be succumbed by there power and beauty, so I met the artist “the green serpent “ and we got down to business, after a few laughs with Aussie customs trying to explain why there where so many little heads inside my luggage, I knew this was gonna be an interesting ride.....
Sure enough, 3 weeks straight at Glebe markets saw that all but five of sixty Skulls where left, then came my second import of 300 Skulls,

I had so many that where of similar design that I decided to spray one white and rock my own style, Graff, fileteado and tattoo design where combined and applied, the result as they say is history, Skullavera was born………

Available from Skullavera are custom skulls and imported Mexican sugar skulls
All pieces are made and painted by hand, each piece is unique 

About the Skulls.

Sugar Skulls play a large part in the Day of the Dead holiday that is celebrated throughout Mexico and parts of the Americas that combines ancient indigenous traditions and modern fanfare. Its a whimsical and yet serious holiday that takes place between October 31st and November 2nd.

Love rules the holiday as families believe that the souls of the departed return to visit living relatives. There is an abundance of food and drink, the favourites of the deceased.
Family alters are vibrant and showcase the love for deceased. The living shower the deceased with food and presents and decorate the graves and skulls and recount their stories of there loved ones. Yellow is the most visible colour on the altars decorated with bright marigold flowers. Trails of marigolds lead like runways to guide spirits home back to their loved ones. The distinctive scent of marigolds are said to attract the dead. Altars have candles that are important to their light and smoke.

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